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About Us

About Us

Nazdar Ink Technologies has a strong reputation in the research, development and manufacturing of inks for a diverse range of printing applications. Our experts formulate ink systems for optimum color, viscosity, pigment stabilization, UV-cure speed, active shelf-life and outdoor durability.

Nazdar’s Research and Development team continually evaluates the latest technologies, as well as regulatory concerns such as Nestlé Compliance and country-based legislation, to bring innovative and high-performing products to market.

Nazdar’s quality and production processes are ISO 9001:2015 certified. All inks we develop and manufacture are quality control tested to the tightest tolerances, ensuring high quality and batch-to-batch consistency.



Nazdar Ink Technologies develops innovative ink and fluid solutions to meet demanding needs across a variety of end user markets and applications. Our global team of inkjet professionals are committed to helping our Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) partners develop turnkey solutions to facilitate performance and growth targets. By working in partnership with your equipment engineers and your suppliers for printheads, lamps, and ink supply systems, we can ensure that products meet your needs and expectations.



Nazdar is ideally positioned to have the ability and agility to take the needs and requirements of our partners and develop customized ink and fluid products. Our team of inkjet experts ensure that we deliver from concept to launch, on time and with a fully collaborative approach.

Additionally, Nazdar offers a wide range of proven products, and we are continually developing new inks to meet the demands of technology and profitability, including highly specialized inks for niche markets. These inks can be customized to meet your specific needs, rather than simply offering the generic properties of standard grades of inks. We also have the in-house capabilities to formulate and test new inks quickly.

Our state-of-the-art production facility has the capacity to meet your inventory, labeling and regulatory requirements. We can deliver customized containers and packaging to create the best impression and convenience for your customers.



Make Nazdar your ink solution partner of choice. Our technical and development teams ensure excellent implementation of our products into your manufacturing processes, consistently providing outstanding service, support, and meeting logistical requirements. And when it comes to business logistics, our experience in non-competitive and non-disclosure relationships means you can rest assured that all proprietary information will be handled carefully and with respect.


Global Stewardship

As the global printing industry advances to meet the demands of a growing world, we are focused on delivering affordable, reliable inks and fluids, while simultaneously reducing our environmental impact and improving our corporate citizenship responsibilities.

Achieving a more sustainable future for Nazdar means drawing on our culture of human ingenuity to solve problems, setting improvement priorities, and delivering solutions. It also means being an outstanding partner with businesses around the world.