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Inkjet Fluid Technology

Inkjet Fluid Technology

The inks listed in this guide represent a starting point for the development of a product for the specific needs of an OEM project. You may find that an ink we have available will work perfectly for your application, or we may need to develop a partnership to produce a custom solution.

Nazdar’s team is here to support your ink development

As one of the largest OEM ink manufacturers in the world, our years of experience in both analog and inkjet fluid development allow us to build custom fluids that meet the demands of any given market segment.

Achieving high-resolution accuracy with a specially-designed fluid – which also includes all required end-use characteristics – is a ignificant challenge. Nazdar’s print experience and advanced chemistry knowledge allows us to provide these ideal fluid solutions at the right price point.

Inkjet technology is pushing forward

It takes approximately 100 microseconds for a typical fluid droplet to be formed, travel to the substrate, land in the correct place, and start forming the correct image.

By comparison, a NASCAR™ vehicle will travel less than 1cm in the time a it take a fluid droplet to be ejected & land. In today’s digital integrations, each head must accurately place up to 15 billion droplets of ink every second in order to form a high- resolution decoration.

Within the machine, an individual nozzle may fire up to a further 8 droplets of ink while the first droplet is still in flight. Therefore, it is paramount that each droplet in flight keeps its uniformity and shape through its short journey.

Satelite Reduction Chemistry

Nazdar fluids have been chemically designed such that each ejected drop has  outstanding rheology properties that greatly reduce the risk of heavy satelliting.

SRC helps with drop placement quality, reducing the need for the integration of mist  mediation devices within the printer.

Drops have visibly improved in-flight elasticity,  with the ligature showing uniformity even at high throw distances.